Hollowpoint E3 Story Trailer Is A Foreboding Look At The Future Of Humanity

According to Ruffian Games, the 22nd Century isn’t going to be a very great time to be alive. Seems like after robots stole everyone’s jobs, World War 3 broke out and doused the world with a fresh coating of radiation that caused the weather to go nuts and kill a lot of people. After this string of catastrophes only the most powerful corporations in the world standing are left standing.

At least that’s what the lady with the pretty accent in the Hollowpoint story trailer told me.

Hollowpoint is a multiplayer platformer that reminds me of Shadow Complex, lots of metal and shooting at enemies down range. I had fun with Shadow Complex, and if the multiplayer options are varied enough and not simply just shooting 100% of the time, I imagine I’ll have some fun with Hollowpoint, too.

Anyway, there’s the trailer, give it a go, and follow Ruffian Games on Twitter to keep up with Hollowpoint.

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