Experience the Future of the 1980s in Defragmented

Cyberpunk is an amazing genre when it’s well executed. The genre can show off the best of mankind and the worst of mankind, all with a sci-fi twist. The latest entry to the cyberpunk genre is a new game called Defragmented.

Glass Knuckle Games is attempting to fund development for Defragmented through a Kickstarter campaign.

I had the opportunity to play a bit of the Defragmented demo before writing this, and it’s clear to me that the game has a lot of potential. The visuals are very distinct, it reminded me of the sort of battle that a cyberpunk computer would simulate. While the shooting felt a bit too difficult and weird to control, I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the small amount I played.


Previously, Glass Knuckle previously developed Noir Syndrome, a procedurally generated film noir themed detective game that was right up my alley.

Defragmented doesn’t play anything like Noir Syndrome, which was a point-and-click adventure. Instead, Defragmented is a top-down shooter with randomly generated weapons and gear. Think Hotline Miami’s combat meets Borderland’s loot system.

Surprisingly the Hotline Miami comparisons don’t end at its gameplay mechanics. The soundtrack sounds a lot like a sci-fi Hotline Miami, which makes sense because some of Defragmented’s songs come from shared composers such as El Tigre. Interested readers can check out a few sample tracks on the game’s Soundcloud playlist. Those intrigued readers can also look into the Defragmented Kickstarter page for more info and to support the developers, if so inclined.


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