World of Warcraft’s Latest Event Is a Selfie-Taking Scavenger Hunt

World of Warcraft Selfie Event

Zalidel and Elhondriel via PC Gamer

Blizzard has just launched a month-long contest in World of Warcraft to promote the integration of social media into their MMO. The rules are simple: go to the famous landmark featured in each week’s example, and take a screenshot of your character there. This week the landmark is the Horde capital, Orgrimmar.

Each week, twenty-two winners will be selected to receive anything from a World of Warcraft water bottle to an iPhone 6. One grand prize winner will receive a complete Blizzcon package.

Blizzard prefers the use of their recently introduced SELFIE camera, an in-game object designed for taking ‘selfie’ photos of your character. However, the camera only unlocks at level 100, so Blizzard has allowed regular screenshots to be used as well.

My Selfie Adventure

World of Warcraft Selfie Event

I went out to Orgrimmar on my Human Paladin to get myself an entry into the contest. I teleported to Dalaran in Northrend, so I could then take a portal to the Caverns of Time. From there I took a griffon to the Barrens, and flew my own mount from there to Orgrimmar. Once I reached the Horde capital city, I found a couple of other Alliance players sitting there stealthed. I parked my Dark Phoenix right in front of the Warchief’s chambers, and pulled out my camera. If you look at the selfie I took, you can see a purple spell hitting me as I was frantically pressing the shutter button. I like to imagine the two friendly stealthed druids laughing at this obnoxious paladin taking a selfie as he’s being beaten down by Orc guards.

World of Warcraft has been in the news recently. Just a few months after the launch of its massive expansion Warlords of Draenor, the company lost about three million of its subscribers. It can be assumed there is a connection between these numbers and Blizzard’s renewed interest in social media promotion of their games.

Also, in more recent news, we all got our first look at Ogrim Doomhammer, from the upcoming Warcraft movie.

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