Mojang Jabs Back At Minecraft Player With Inappropriate Username

Minecraft Username Prank

designed by Algkotten on PlanetMinecraft

Here’s a short little thing that made me chuckle. Found it on Reddit’s /r/minecraft subreddit, by the way.

A Minecraft player named “Jessemoforice” reported that some years ago, he had a bit of an attitude towards Mojang because he claims he was locked out of one of his Minecraft accounts, for no reason in particular. In his frustration, Jessemoforice made a new Minecraft account name, “MojangSucksDick”.

On Saturday, Jessemoforice went to Reddit to post that Mojang had caught on to his username and promptly changed it. Check out the bottom right of the image to see the new account name.

Minecraft username prank

Mojang went in and changed his username from “MojangSucksDick” to “NoWeDont”.

Well played.

In subtle confirmation of the prank, Mojang support staffer Marc Watson (@Marc_IRL) simply posted a smiley face, as the top comment in Jessemoforice’s Reddit thread. Watson then illuminated the backstory to the name change:

“I was actually looking for %sucksdick, due to an unrelated report of harassment. Usually we let servers handle all moderation but it was a parent and a kid, and well, I was just covering some bases. I never did find the username they reported (they couldn’t remember the exact spelling), but I did find this gem. Glad OP was a good sport about it. “

Watson goes on to explain that typically Mojang leaves username moderation up to the server’s individual communities. But there have been exceptions in the past. Watson pointed out a Minecraft player who had previously had usernames like, “RapeCuresAutism” and “SoggyVagina”. Yikes.

This isn’t the first time that Mojang has acted in humor against players up to no good. Check out Mojang’s reply tweet to this player’s offensive name change.


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