Become A One-Man Army in Rogue Invader

Rogue Invader

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from sci-fi movies it’s that space aliens manage to always initiate a devastating surprise attack, but from that point forward, humans eventually battle their way to victory. Well, Rogue Invader is taking a different approach to that sci-fi trope.

In Rogue Invader, the aliens called Zenos have been harassing human space colonies for years. Finally the humans had enough and launched a massive attack directly at the Zenos’ home planet. During the invasion, the human fleet suffered some pretty substantial casualties and somehow managed to lose all of their supply ships.

Now, with only one pistol and one drop-pod left (seriously who planned the supply logistics for the invasion fleet, a McDonalds’ drive-through bag packer?) it falls to the player to take the fight to the aliens.

Rogue Invader’s developer, SquishyGamesCo, just launched a teaser trailer showing off what players can expect to find in the game.

According to the trailer, there seem to be some pistol customization options, and I rather like the game’s simplistic, isometric-inspired gameplay perspective. The visuals remind me of those Tiger Handheld games from the 90s.

Look for Rogue Invader later this year for PC and Mac.  Follow SquishyGamesCo on Twitter: @SquishyGamesCo

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