The Witcher 3 “A Night To Remember” Launch Cinematic Is Amazing

If you already weren’t hyped enough for The Witcher 3’s arrival next Tuesday, let the “A Night to Remember” cinematic trailer push you over the edge.

Featuring Geralt de Rivia, the cinematic launch trailer for The Witcher 3 sees our favorite witcher coming face to face with the banshee-like creature he was hired to kill. With moonlight, shadows, and a creepy lullaby, the trailer perfectly captures the essence of the Witcher franchise: cold, dark, and dangerous.

The Witcher 3, and the previous two Witcher titles, are based off of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. In the story, witchers are monster hunters who are hired out by villagers to kill the monsters that have appeared. Through rigid physical training and some dark magics, witchers have conditioned their bodies to be capable of handling threats that normal people cannot. Through use of physical might and magical proficiency, witchers are nearly always successful at their jobs.

Look out for more Witcher 3 coverage in the coming days and weeks.

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