ROCKETSROCKETROCKETS Ready For Takeoff With New Launch Trailer

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS launch trailer showcases the game being played between two players, “couch co-op” style. In ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS players control a singular rocket as they try and tag out the other players. There’s lots of lights and sparkly things and color and music…and now I can’t stop staring…

The developers (Radial Games) are calling it, “the ultimate party game” and from how the game was received at GDC last year, it doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched claim. According to, the developers were urged by Valve to finish the game as soon as possible. So clearly ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is getting the right kind of attention from the right kinds of people.

And not just because the game’s name is repeated three times in big capitol LETTERSLETTERSLETTERS.

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is set to launch on May 1st for $12.99, on Steam.

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