WW1 Shooter Verdun Gameplay Trailer Shows Brutal Trench Warfare

Verdun WW1 Shooter

The latest trailer for Verdun shows off the game in action, and it looks gorgeous. On the other hand, the trench warfare seen in the trailer looks quite the opposite.

Verdun is a World War 1 first person shooter from M2H Games, published by Blackmill Games. The trailer, undoubetedly, comes alongside Verdun’s transition out of Steam’s Early Access program, and into a full retail release.

Currently Verdun can be purchased for $20.69 on Steam, though once the launch promotion ends the game will be available for $22.99.

From the trailer, “Join the trench war. Fight with authentic weaponry. Level up your squad. Dominate the Western Front.”

Verdun originally appeared as an Early Access game, back in September, 2013.

Check out Verdun on Steam.

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