#GamingGoals For The Week Of February 8th


So I took a week off. What, you wanna fight about it?

I have multiple reasons as to why I skipped but all you need to know is that it was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

So, back on track for things….


Ratchet and Clank [2 more hours]


Continuing with my long-lasting Ratchet and Clank play through, I put another pair of hours into the game this past week. My feeling for the game have largely remained the same; the controls combined with the clunky camera positioning and aiming mechanics make Ratchet and Clank more cumbersome than it needs to be.

More and more I find myself taking damage by no fault of my own, but because the camera decided to pivot into a corner, or my aiming reticule just couldn’t lock onto a target. Using the default wrench weapon is just the all around best option, even though it requires me to be within melee range.

Also, I forgot how Ratchet and Clank doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to some level objectives. For example, in one of the levels I played through the corridor floods and the water gradually rises up until the halls are completely filled with water. Ratchet drowns after a short time underwater so you have to out run the rapidly rising water. After about five tries, I rage quit. I could not for the life of me figure out how I could possibly move any faster, and I was still getting caught by the water and drowning.

About an hour after I put the game away, I remembered that there might be a gadget on a previous planet for me to unlock, now that I won the hover-race-thing.

I know, I know…I could just look up an online guide…but that’s no fun!

Looking forward to playing Ratchet and Clank a bit more next week!

Apotheon [opening hour]


From the developer that released Capsized (which I really liked) comes Apotheon.

As a 2D action platformer, Apotheon lets players control an ancient Greek warrior who finds himself amidst chaos brought on by the gods. Stylized after the artwork seen on the vases of ancient Greece, Apotheon has a super distinct look that I totally dig.

When it comes to the combat, the game is surprisingly versatile too…though I suppose that’s not super surprising, considering the wide variety of weaponry found in Capsized.

I didn’t really get far enough in Apotheon to form a solid opinion, but I certainly am looking forward to playing a bit more this week.

So yeah, Apotheon is a thing, and here’s the trailer. Check it out!

Super Smash Bros 3D [2 hours]


I got this one for Christmas and had only managed to play it for a little bit, shortly after Christmas.

This is the first Smash Bros game I’ve played since the original. I can hardly comprehend how much extra content they cram into the game these days. You can even make your own fighter! So cool.

I’m still going through and learning all the new characters, but it’s kinda nice they kept the move sets the same for the older characters. I was able to jump right in with Star Fox without missing a beat.

The pickups are a little crazy though, I hope I get used to them over time, but when more than 2 items are in play it becomes difficult to track the enemy players and sometimes I just lose myself completely. I blame this mostly on the screen size though, even on my 3DS XL I still wish I had more screen to see the details.

I’ll be continuing on with SSB 3D this week!

Soul Axiom [1 hour]


I’ve been meaning to check Soul Axiom out for awhile. I’ve had it in my Steam library and finally decided to install it and give it a go.

I was into how the game looked from the screenshots, and it seemed like an interesting concept; you go into a program that’s designed to help you relive your memories and function as a digital soul.

Of course shit hits the fan and things go wrong and it’s up to lonely ole you to figure it all out.

My lasting impression of Soul Axiom is that it is a very, very watered down version of Bioshock with puzzles instead of monsters. The game is funky in that it tries to be spooky, but I could never take it seriously enough with it’s neon-lit, Tron-esque, environments mixed in with just weird randomness. I was phasing in and out walls to walk through them, and moving stair cases with green power. Hardly exciting gameplay.

One thing that stuck out was that you get teleported around to all these random locations, but then you are forced into a floating subway train, and then locked into it for a few minutes so the game can shove the plot down your throat. It just felt like the developers couldn’t think of a better way to get the story across, so they just strap you in and project it right in front of your face.

Keep in mind the game is still in Early Access, but unless they completely overhaul the game, I don’t see my opinion of it changing much.



LEGO Marvel [incomplete]
Unfortunately I didn’t get around to playing any more LEGO Marvel this week. I wasn’t really in the mood to boot it up. I enjoy the game but I kind of want to save if for when I have a “couch co-op” friend to play it with. It’s kind of redundant playing it by yourself. Plus, it’s simple enough to play that just about anyone would be able to play it with me, regardless of how used to playing video games they are.

I’m dropping it out of my rotation.


Next Week:

Continuing on with Ratchet and Clank, Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Apotheon, and another yet-to-be-determined game!



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