Gaming Goals For The Week Of January 26th


Continuing on for Week #3 of my Gaming Goals are this weeks new goals, as well as my thoughts on what I played last week.  Follow the #GamingGoals tag on Twitter to keep up with everyone else who is participating in the event.

So, over the past week I played Sine Mora, Dear Esther, LEGO Marvel, and World of Warcraft.

I know, I know…one of the reasons I started Gaming Goals is to keep me from playing WoW and Smite exclusively. But this week was the exception because I finally made it to level 100 with my first character. So I spent a good chunk of time playing WoW in an effort to get to 100, so my friends would stop pestering me about not being max rank.

Now that that is out of the way, onto the real meat of the post.

Sine Mora

Picking a random game from my backlog resulted in the selection of Sine Mora, a side-scrolling sci-fi shooter that is quite an eye full.

The game is gorgeous, and it was really spectacular to fly throughout each of the levels I played through. The downside is that in an effort to make the game’s graphics pop out, the developers made the enemies come at you from every direction, but you remain flying from left to right. The result is that I’m stuck on one plane while enemies are in the background and I wasn’t ever sure who to shoot at first.

The visuals also presented another conflict: I would fly into the environment often. In some of the levels, the cave levels particularly, it was difficult to tell where the area I could fly was and was not. It all kind of blended together.

There is a story in Sine Mora but it involves lots of reading (odd for an action game), and the banter is in Japanese(? I think) which required me to read the actual text box in the middle of the game. Totally an oversight as I never bothered reading what anyone was saying because I was too busy dodging the environment.







Dear Esther

Another random backlog game I chose. I picked this one because I knew it was a short experience. I really enjoyed Ethan Carter (which I reviewed a few weeks ago), and knowing that Dear Esther was a similar experience (and came from the same team who went on to develop Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, I really wanted to cross this game off my bucket-list.

The story in Dear Esther unfolds as you play through it, so you start off a bit confused as to who you are and why you’re on a foggy island. Details come together and you form a loose opinion as to your significance within the game.

It was an interesting experience, though it felt a little too in-your-face at times. I feel like they wanted to make sure that even the most oblivious player caught onto what was going on in the game. But as someone who caught on early in the game, by the third do-you-see-what-we’re-doing-here moment, I felt a bit patronized.

It was an interesting game though, and the soundtrack (available below) was fantastic. So if you enjoy non-combat, exploration-based, slightly-spooky, games…check out Dear Esther. You can usually find it for pretty cheap, too.

Next Week’s Goals


Continue LEGO Marvel

Pick up Ratchet and Clank again

Play Two More Random Games


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