Smite’s Flashiest Character Skin Will Set You Back $160

As part Smite’s ongoing nigh-ending Odyssey promotional event Hi-Rez Studios has introduced a unique skin for the Greek god Thanatos.

The Archon Thanatos skin is unique in that it is the first skin implemented into Smite that evolves as the game progresses. As seen below, Archon Thanatos has four stages that the god shifts through during gameplay. Also equipped with a completely overhauled voice-pack, new animations, and some awesome sound effects, Archon Thanatos is easily one of the coolest god skins in Smite.

And it can be yours for $163…give or take a bit.


What’s even crazier is that the skin is, technically, free.

You get the skin as a reward for buying every item in the twenty-one item Odyssey event. Every week for the past twenty-one weeks, Hi-Rez released a new, exclusive, Odyssey item. These releases were either a displayable player icon, a ward skin, or a god skin. Along the way, players who collected certain amounts of these odyssey items were given milestone rewards for helping contribute to the 2015 prize pool…which is now sitting just below $2.5 million.

For example, after buying six Odyssey items players were given a loading card frame. Every three additional Odyssey items purchased resulted in the unlocking of a new Odyssey reward.

Archon Thanatos is the Odyssey reward for owning all twenty-one Odyssey items.

While the cost of each Odyssey item varies, a Hi-Rez employee broke it down for players on the game’s subreddit, and the math brings it to just a little over $160 if you buy the gems in groups of 400.

The 2015 Smite World Championship is taking place January 9th through the 11th, in Atlanta, Georgia.


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