Smite’s $8 Halloween Chests Are All Treat And No Trick


Starting today, Hi-Rez introduced new Halloween-themed Treasure Chests into Smite. These Halloween chests cost twice as much as the regular treasure chests ($8 vs $4), but if buyers can make it over that price hurdle they will find that the odds are in their favor for some great loot.

Let’s look at what’s inside the Halloween Chests: a Frankenstein’s Monster Osiris skin, a Frankenstein lab-monster Osiris skin, the Jack the Ripper Thanatos skin, an Elvis-impersonator Bacchus skin, the Slaughterhouse Chaac skin, and a Halloween-themed ward skin. I can’t find a picture of the ward skin, but it’s just a pair of eyeballs in a laboratory jar that look around.

The Bacchus-Elvis skin is a treasure chest exclusive, meaning it can only be obtained through the Halloween Chest or the regular Treasure Chest. Because there are only six items in the Halloween chest, the odds of getting Bacchus-Elvis is substantially higher than getting him in the regular chests (which contain all the god’s voice packs, all the god’s premium “gem” skins, and a dozen ward skins and icons). So, with the regular $4 chests you have a 1/140 (0.7%) chance of getting Bacchus-Elvis. With the Halloween Chests you have a 1/6 (16.6%) chance.  Those percentages increase the more things you have, but the odds greatly favor the Halloween Chest for getting Bacchus-Elvis.

Also, $8 equates to 400 gems, which is 200 gems less than what you can buy the Slaughterhouse Chaac skin for…so if you get that skin, you’re saving yourself $4.

The Jack the Ripper Thanatos skin is also 600 gems on its own, so if you get that skin in the chest, you’re saving yourself $4 as well.

I’d imagine (with custom voice packs) the two Osiris skins would retail for 600 gems apiece, so if you get either one of them, (just like the Chaac skin) you’re getting a 600 gem skin for 400 gems.


And then there is the ward skin…if you ask me, the ward skins and the icons are the “risk” when it comes to the treasure chest. To be fair, the eyeballs in the glass jar is one of the cooler ward skins available…the only downside is that it’ll sink you $8 if you get it. But that’s part of the gamble after all.

All in all…the Halloween Chests are a great deal for players willing to spend a good chunk of gems. They offer some great seasonal skins, and the best chance at a rare chest exclusive.




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