‘Master Spy’ Is Attempting To Infiltrate Steam



Stealth action platformer, Master Spy, is currently vying for attention on Steam Greenlight. Turbogun released a nice one-level demo to whet gamer’s appetites, and ultimately encourage them to give Master Spy a thumbs-up, on the game’s Greenlight page.

So I played through the demo, collected my thoughts, and chatted with Turbogun developer, Kris Truitt, about what gamers can expect when the game launches in 2014.

Having been working on Master Spy since last February, Turbogun (Truitt and John Coxworth) is currently around halfway through the development of the game. “We have a good portion of the planned enemies and obstacles in the game already,” Truitt explained to me, “we just need to build the later levels and do more art and cutscenes…and actual menus.”


The demo allows players to sneak through the first level of the game. A cloaking-cloak is available to players, and with a tap of the ‘SHIFT’ key, players can toggle invisibility mode. While invisible, players can’t move as fast, but they can move right in front of a guard without being seen. The demo complicates things a bit when dogs are introduced. Suddenly the cloak is useless, as the dog’s sense of smell will lead them right to the player’s heels. Careful planning and quick reflexes are key to completing the latter portions of the demo.

The cloaking device will be the central mechanic of the game. When asked about the addition of other gadgets, Truit said that initially he and Coxworth planned on including more gadgets, but in the end decided to keep Master Spy simplified to the cloaking ability, and grow the gameplay around that one mechanic. Their goal is to create an experience where the levels naturally train the player to become better and better, without the need of a tutorial to explain things.

Truitt went on to say how they plan on gradually adding in new enemies and obstacles, to keep players on their toes through the later levels.

“Each mission introduces new enemies, usually central to the theme of the mission. Examples being: Mansion of eccentric tech billionaire is full of motion sensors, security lasers, and pressure plates; the global assassin ring’s HQ has things like booby-traps, saw blades coming out of the walls, and tigers; the Industrial Factory is brimming with different types of sentry drones, among the other deadly hazards you’d find in an unregulated mechanical assembly line.”

Truitt said he is eager for players to experience the levels that borrow elements from all the previous levels, to truly test the player’s prowess.

From what I experienced in the demo, and saw in the trailer, gamers who love the intensity of classic platformers won’t want to miss out on Master Spy.

Try out the demo, and give the game a vote on Steam Greenlight.

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