Ludum Dare 28 Pick: Match Girl



This is Match Girl by DDRKirby. Submitted during the Ludum Dare 28 72-hour game jam.

In Match Girl, players control a little girl who is making her way through dark and dangerous passages. The twist of Match Girl is that the passages are pitch-black, aside from some torches sprinkled throughout each level. Going along with the Ludum Dare 28 theme of “You Only Get One”, the Match Girl only has one match per level. Lighting a match illuminates the entire level for a few seconds, but then quickly fades out. Players will have to quickly memorize the layout of the level, before attempting to navigate through the passage.

Things become complicated when enemies, moving platforms, and phantom platforms are added into the mix. Luckily DDRKirby made it easy to restart the level: a tap of the R-key resets everything. A smart player (aka, this is what I was doing) will want to spend a few moments at the beginning of the level just lighting the match and resetting the level a few times, in order to get a steady mental image of the whole level, as opposed to jumping into it in a trial-and-error approach.

Check out DDRKirby’s previous Ludum Dare submissions, and then play Match Girl on Kongregate.


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