Ludum Dare 28 Pick: ‘Doubt’


This is Doubt by rxi.

Doubt is a very straightforward game in terms of mechanics, with the real meat of the game being the aesthetics, sound, and overall potential. The inclusion of a kitty cat is nice too.

In Doubt, players navigate through the ethereal world using the WASD or Arrow Keys, occasionally interacting with objects using C or K. There really isn’t much to the game, as far as actual gameplay goes, and that may turn away some, but if Doubt is just a sampling of what we can expect to see from rxi down the road, consider me excited.

Rxi uploaded a timelapse video of the development of Doubt, which can be seen below.

Rxi’s past game submissions include UPLTFRMR, Solitude, and Terrible Space Shooter.

Ludum Dare 28 recently concluded and thousands of developers participated in the game jam/competition. Set with the theme “You Only Get One”, developers had 72 hours to bring their game concept to life. Developers wishing to place in the competition had to follow certain rules and guidelines (as well as adhere to a much stricter time period), all of which can be read over on the Ludum Dare website.

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  1. MW

    Hey, just thought I’d let you know a few things that I think would improve this and your other LD pick article.

    First off, your description at the end seems to imply that the 72-hour Jam event is the main one, with the Compo just being a set of rules that allow games to be ranked. The site’s a little confusing, but actually the 48-hour Compo and 72-hour Jam are individual categories of LD, each with their own rankings and rulesets.

    Also, I think it could be clearer that Doubt was in the 48 hour competition, and the “past submissions” listed weren’t all “full” LD compo entries. The author page on the LD blog lists all games by a person, maybe link there instead of listing them out here where there’s no context?

    And just a small typo: the title spells “Ludum” as “Ludam,” but you have it spelled correctly (Ludum) elsewhere. It looks like the tags on your previous pick have it misspelled too.

    Thanks for writing an article–it’s good to see people covering this awesome event!


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