Free Update For ‘Monaco’ Overhauls The Entire Game


Over the weekend, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine developer, Pocketwatch Games, announced The Architect’s Patch. While it is called a “patch”, it is actually an overhaul to the entire game, making Monaco a more “streamlined” experience. The reason for the overhaul is that the developers felt that the single-player campaign simply took too long to beat, and they even made a fancy chart to prove their point.

The chart below shows the number of leaderboard entries, per level. As you can see, the stats drop off significantly. The little spike in the middle comes from the secondary “The Lookout” campaign. This proves that only a very small number of players actually progressed all the way through the campaign.

“About 9.4% of people that finished the first level also finished the last level of the first campaign,” Pocketwatch Games explains in the announcement. “About 1.7% finished the last level of the second campaign.”


Pocketwatch Games wants those bars to line up as evenly as possible, since that would mean the same number of people played through the game, as the number of people who began playing. The quickest solution to achieve that goal was to trim the fat, and thus Pocketwatch Games found “huge parts of our least favorite levels unflinchingly slashed.”

The developers claimed it took anywhere from 20 to 50 hours to finish both of Monaco’s campaigns. According to data collected from Steam, by Pocketwatch Games, the average play session of Monaco players was only 36 minutes. The average total time players spent in the game: just over 14 hours.

The Architect’s Patch affects every single level within Monaco. However, the original forms of the levels will be available in a “Classic” (the new overhauled levels are called “Enhanced”) gameplay mode.

Other changes to the game include: tutorial level adjustments, addition of leaderboards for both Enhanced and Zombie modes, 3 new PvP missions, and new features like key-doors and “ass-cash” (they explained that one on Twitter).

The Architect’s Patch is out now for Monaco players on Steam and those who picked up the game through the Humble Bundle. Based on a response from the developers on their Facebook page, it does not look like the update will extend to the console versions of the game.


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