Christmas Lights Synced With ‘Battlefield 4’ Theme


Battlefield 4

I’ll be the first to declare myself a passionate Battlefield fan, but this goes way above and beyond anything I’d ever put the time into doing, outside of the game anyway. YouTuber “coasterbp” spent the time syncing up the Christmas lights at his house to match up perfectly with the Battlefield 4 theme.

Earlier in October coasterbp uploaded a video showing his progress preparing for the incredible synchronized light show. In a program called “Light-O-Rama” coasterbp is seen previewing the planned routine for the lights. The preview reveals that coasterbp is working with over twenty different light strands, all of which can be manipulated for any given sequence.

“It was actually done, kind of on a whim,” coasterbp said in a video blog, “I just decided one day, ‘You know what? I already do a Christmas display…but I’m tired of programming Christmas songs, so let’s do something fun,’ and at the time, Battlefield 3 had recently come out and the music was fairly new and I really liked the theme song, so I said ‘Let’s just do it and put it up there,’ and holy crap, overnight it just went just absolutely nuts.”

Coasterbp is no stranger to synchronizing his Christmas lights to the tune of Battlefield music: in 2012 he pulled a similar stunt utilizing the theme from Battlefield 3.

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