‘Under the Ocean’ Gets An Extra Dimension in Latest Update


Yesterday, Near Enough Games posted a development update for Under the Ocean within the game’s Steam discussion forum.

The biggest announcement is that Under the Ocean will now be a 3D game, allowing players to move around in their environment, rather than just back and forth across the screen. Near Enough Games developer, Paul Greasley, posted the reveal image through his Twitter account.

The post goes on to explain Near Enough Games has local multiplayer working in this build, and that the team is looking to redo some mechanics to make the game more co-op friendly. Controller support is being added in, allowing up to four people to play together.

A “hub world” was also brought up, where players can go to access multiplayer, view achievements, checkout professions, and start into some of the goal-based story mode. Near Enough Games plans to sample the story mode starting with this Alpha build and continue on with different mini-stories with each Alpha release. The initial story has players washing up on a wolf-infested island.

Other changes listed in the post include: new crafting system, more environmental obstacles (brambles, quicksand, etc.), better AI, adding in Professions (doctor, fisherman, hunter, etc.), and a new map system.

Not Enough Games closes the post with an explanation as far as when players can expect to get their hands on this new build.

Hopefully you will think these changes are worth the wait, we will do our best to get this done as soon as possible but because it is such a big change across the entire game, we feel it is safer to polish this update so all of the above is playable together rather than releasing several broken builds each few weeks.


Under the Ocean is available now through Steam’s Early Access program.


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