‘AdventureQuest Worlds’ CEO Has The Most Epic And Nerdy Wedding Ceremony Ever

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of the wedding ceremonies with plastic lightsabers, Harry Potter wands, and the superhero capes, but I promise you, you’ve never seen a wedding quite like this one.

Adam Bohn, AdventureQuest Worlds CEO and founder of Artix Entertainment, and his now-wife, Michelle Chang, partook in possibly the most epicly-nerdy wedding ceremony. Featuring sword fights, close-quarters combat, and guest appearances from Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, Bohn and Chang made sure their special day would be an unforgettable one for everyone present.

With over 1.5 million views, the YouTube video of their wedding inspired Bohn to recreate the wedding event within AdventureQuest Worlds tomorrow, December 13th.  The event is being called “Lord of the Wedding Rings” and will be open to all players.

Visit the AdventureQuest Worlds website to sign up and play for free, today.


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