Weekly Roundup – Week IV of November

Crazy week! Happily recovering from feasting on Thanksgiving, but knowing that the Mordor of exam week was just around the corner…it’s always a strange feeling. Here is what I’ve been up to:


‘Pid’ Reviewed!

Pid Review

I wrote up a review for Might & Delight’s Pid, an artsy-looking platformer. I loved the game’s design and art style…but I kept running into these difficulty spikes that just totally contrasted with the calm and whimsical feel of the game’s art. Like there would be 20 minutes of just casually jumping around and dodging enemies, and then suddenly a giant balloon-boy would emerge with a pop-gun and I’d spend an hour just trying to get past him.

Ironically, the day I released my review (which discounted the game a higher score due to the difficulty spikes) Might & Delight released a patch which re-worked all of the levels for a more balanced difficulty. Oh well. I couldn’t change my review, because they should have had this smoothed out at launch, so it is their fault not mine. But still, I felt a little bad about it all. I gave Pid a 67 out of 100…a bit above average, but could be better.


IGM Arcade – Tesla Defense

Tesla Defense

I really liked Tesla Defense. Usually I’m not crazy about Tower Defense games…I think I only played Plants vs. Zombies for an hour before I got tired of it. But Tesla Defense has me hooked. At the start of each wave of incoming enemies, you plant tesla coils, and anti-air zapper-things, and statically-charged landmines, in anticipation of the evil Nazis coming to steal your (you play as a super hero version of N. Tesla) powerful technology.

The twist here, is that you control Tesla at the one side of the screen, and can use his electrical-beam to zap enemies before they get to you. Making little Nazis *pop* with electricity is surprisingly satisfying.

Read my IGM Arcade article, and then follow the link in there, to play the game.

In Other News:

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