Amazing ‘Legend of Zelda’ Papercraft

Canadian artist, known simply as Michaela, aka “M.M.”, has quite the collection of video game inspired papercraft figures on her deviantART portfolio. The majority of these figures come from the Legend of Zelda series, and there are also quite a few Pokemon papercrafts sprinkled throughout her gallery. Follow her blog, where she occasionally posts work-in-progress… Continue reading

What Is ‘Godus’ and Who Is Peter Molyneux?

  Peter Molyneux, a name synonymous with “visionary”, has established a Kickstarter campaign for his latest game, Godus. Godus is being branded as a reinvention of Populous, which is considered the first “god game”. Populous was released back in 1989, by Bullfrog Productions, the game development company of which Molyneux is a founding member. Bullfrog… Continue reading