T-Shirt Thursday : November 15th 2012


One more week until we (‘mericans!) can guiltlessly stuff our faces on Thanksgiving. And no, for my international readers, that’s not something we do every day…as peopleofwalmert.com may lead you to believe.

Here are this week’s shirts of the week!

Overkill” by Bamboota – Buy it on Red Bubble

Overkill - Bamboota

Brick Grimes” by Brinkerhoff – Buy it on Nowhere Bad

Brick Grimes - Brinkerhoff

Plumber’s Creed” by Nathan Davis – Buy it on Red Bubble

Plumber's Creed - Nathan Davis

Imperial Metal” by Rob Go – Buy it on Red Bubble

Imperial Metal - Rob Go

“Halfling and Wizard” by Cool Johnny – Buy it on Threadless

Halfling and Wizard

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