Where I Have Been.

Well, as you may have noticed, there has not been a post here in about a month. For that, I apologize.


I was recently picked up by The Indie Game Magazine and have been writing for them, and was eventually promoted as an editor. It’s been a busy month of learning a new system for writing, but I finally have a handle on things, enough so that I can start writing for Epic Brew once more.

Now because my writing for The Indie Game Magazine (IGM) features indie games, I can’t write about indie games here. Well I could, but then I’d be writing 2x as much on the same topic. So instead…I’ll revert back to the mainstream titles, for game coverage. I will continue to feature artists, musicians, and other bits of geekery, of course, but for your indie game fix, I urge you to read my articles on IGM. And of course, all the other articles by my co-workers. =]

December marks Epic Brew’s second birthday, and I want to thank everyone who has been a fan since the beginning. It really means a lot. Thank You.


-Tom “H3rcules”

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