First Group of “Greenlight” Games Greenlit


steam greenlight

Earlier today, Steam announced the first batch of games that have passed through the Greenlight approval process.

Steam Greenlight allows the community to vote on the games they wish to see published through Steam. The procedure reduces the strain the people at Steam have to deal with, as it allows them to see the games the community wants, directly. [Read on for more information on Greenlight – Epic Brew]

Ten games have already made the cut, in less than three weeks.

1.) Black Mesa
2.) Cry of Fear
3.) Dream
4.) Heroes and Generals
5.) Kenshi
6.) McPixel
7.) No More Room in Hell
8.) Project Zomboid
9.) Routine
10.) Towns

These games will be placed into a new, “Greenlit” category within the Greenlight community interface, allowing people to see which projects made the cut, and the availability of those games. Their status will be updated when the game finishes development, or is released.

“This is just the beginning,” the Greenlight administrator posted, “and we will continue to need your help in picking some of the next games to be made available on Steam. Your votes and your feedback is important to us and to the developers in Steam Greenlight, so please keep voting for the games you want to see on Steam!”

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