Tiny Troopers Review


What you need to know:
Developed by Kukouri (@kukouri)
Published by Iceberg Interactive (@Iceberg_Int)

Available on Steam ($9.99) and iOS devices ($.99) with Android Support forthcoming.

– 30 Missions
– 6 hirable “specialist” soldier classes
– 5 “one-shot” soldier perks
– 7 types of Soldier abilities

Tiny Troopers is a top-down, point-and-click (or point-and-press for smartphones) game that puts players in charge of a small squad of soldiers, tasked with 30 levels worth of missions. At the start of every mission, the player is given the option to select level specific upgrades that affect their squad for the next mission only, the ability to recruit an additional squad-member, or “specialist”, and the ability to permanently upgrade their squad’s skill level.

The “one-shot” upgrades and specialist recruitments are rewarded by trading in points collected from completing objectives, killing enemies, and collecting dog tags. To unlock the permanent squad upgrades, players must find special medals hidden throughout the levels.

The game has a simple looking style to it, the characters are all little rounded people, and the effects and scenery is nothing that will strain your graphics card. After all, this game was initially designed to run on a cell phone.

On PC, (I cannot speak for iOS devices) Tiny Trooper runs smoothly. The movement of the soldiers feels a little stiff at first, but after awhile I was too busy maneuvering my squad and firing back at enemies, to notice.

I played through the first chapter (there are three chapters total) and I experienced no bugs. There was only one time when the A.I. pathfinding got a character stuck, but it was not that big of a deal.

Tiny Troopers does became slightly tedious when I was trying to find all of the medals and dog tags in every level. The level designers did a great job designing the levels, but after awhile I became tired of running a minute out of my way and a minute back, just to snag one dog tag.  I started just going for the collectables that were close enough to the main path, to keep the action going, and the game flowing.

tiny troopers


If you have an iOS device and have the $.99 to spare, give Tiny Troopers a shot. Kukouri just added in a “zombie survival mode” which I imagine could be quite fun. Tiny Troopers is great in small bites, and would be a perfect game to play during a lunch break.

For Steam users…frankly, $9.99 is too much for this game. Tiny Troopers isn’t bad, it’s just not worth $10, especially when the iOS version with almost the same looking graphics and the extra zombie mode, is only $.99.

Tiny Troopers

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