Kickstarting the week: ‘America’s Fighting Dinosaur’ – A Short Film


Americas Fighting Dinosaur

Artist Steve Snoey is promoting his project, America’s Fighting Dinosaur, on Kickstarter for the next month.

America’s Fighting Dinosaur will be a short, found-footage, documentary about a tyrannosaurus (Pvt. “Little” Sammy Vogel) who fought for the Allies in World War 2.

Snoey has assembled an impressive team to tackle this short film:

Steve Snoey – Writer/Director
Lacey Leavitt – Producer
Nathan M. Miller – Director of Photography
Eric Nielson – Composer

From the Kickstarter campaign: “We know we can make a great short film on a $10k budget, which is why that’s the amount we’re asking for. But. If we raise $20k, we’ll be able to make it EVEN better. One of our biggest influences on this film is Ken Burns and we would expand accordingly; the current estimated running time of the film is just under 10 minutes long. But if we get to $20k, we can make a longer faux-documentary, closer to 40 minutes long, that will be broken up by chapters and feature more footage of Sammy. As it stands, creating archive footage of Sammy is much more time consuming than archive photos. So the more money we have, the more resources we can spend focusing on motion video.

Check out America’s Fighting Dinosaur on Kickstarter

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