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The following interview is with Ken Poh, from PD Design Studio

Hey, thanks for doing this with us! So PD Design Studio started as a multimedia company. What made you guys decide to switch to developing games?

Hey, thanks for having us. PD Design Studio started out 6 years ago doing various jobs, web, print, video, anything we can lay our hands on. But our very first project was actually a Flash game project. Over the years we started to focus on Flash educational-games. We must have done more than 20 of those. We found it thoroughly enjoyable to work on games but working on client-based games means we’ll never get to fulfill our inner fantasies. The studio actually has done a couple of game prototypes, but we left it at that. We had this game idea of a 2D platformer with supporting character mechanics. After talking through between ourselves, we thought let’s just do it.

What’s the story behind Dusty Revenge? Why is Dusty so violent? Did someone call him a “bunny”?

The story begins with a thick revenge opening whereby Dusty’s love is killed in a fire, and Dusty turns into a revenge monster. I guess that’s why he is violent, but really, the game is not about violence. Because throughout the course of his revenge route, Dusty will learn of something else bigger than his personal revenge, and he will become sort of a hero in his own capacity. But yes, he is affectionately known as ‘bunny’ in our studio, especially when we have to discuss gameplay mechanics and every other thing related to the game!

How will the combat combo system work in the game?

The combat system in the game is akin to many of those action/ brawler games. Players press a series of buttons to execute certain combo chains. As the players progress and Dusty gains experience, he will unlock new combos.

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Who are Rondel and McCoy? How will players be able to interact with the two of them?

Rondel and McCoy, well, as you can see from the trailer are the two allies of Dusty. Rondel is a big-ass artillery wielding bear and McCoy is a mysterious sharp shooter. They both come into the game as the story progresses. Players will be able to, at the press of a button, call for them. At different times of the game, players will be needing their help, be it a huge cluster of enemies that will really benefit from Rondel’s intervention or some rooftop snipers that only McCoy can reach. Certain areas in the level also requires Dusty’s allies to help him with it.

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Who’s creating the soundtrack for Dusty Revenge?

Ahhh, soundtrack. Soundtrack is the only thing not done in-house as we have no such expertise. We got Daniel Sadowski to work with us on all music and SFX. He’s a great composer who has worked on various titles such as A Boy and his Blob, Megamind, Stuntman Ignition and we really like his style. Definitely go check out his site.

What platforms will Dusty Revenge be released on?

We are currently working on the PC version and also ironing out some issues with the MAC at the same time. What’s really exciting is that we have got the PS3 and PS Vita dev kits in the studio as well and we are already laying the ground work for the PS platform. But being a small indie studio, we only have this much resources and we really have to prioritize.

When can players get their hands on Dusty Revenge?

As soon as we can finish it up! That will be in Q4 of this year.


Thanks to Kevin and the rest of the PD Design Studio.

Visit the official website for Dusty Revenge and follow the team on Twitter: @pddesignstudio

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