Coolest Toy Ever? MWC Quad with mt2208 Motor


I found this video randomly, and of course I had to share it with you guys. The YouTube video had very little information as to what this is exactly, or who made it, but after spending some time clicking links, reading comments, and learning much more than I wanted to about the casual helicopter-toy community, I found Warthox’s Vimeo profile where he has dozens of similar videos of these quad-flying-thing toys.

And before you helicopter-hobby-enthusiasts send me your emails about how this isn’t a toy…I know it’s not a toy.
But that wouldn’t stop me from playing with one like a toy.

3 Comments Coolest Toy Ever? MWC Quad with mt2208 Motor


    I have been using a helicopter for my platform on film but it isn’t the best in wind. So, this platform would work out great or I could go tri copter too. If anyone has used either what is the best to use?


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