Ambitious Space RTS “Planetary Annihilation” Launches Kickstarter Campaign

planetary anhillation

Few indie developers set $900,000 as their Kickstarter funding goal, but few indie developers try to tackle a game as complex as Planetary Annihilation, and even fewer developers see nearly $230,000 in funding within the first few days of campaigning.

As the creators of 2010’s Monday Night Combat, and 2012’s Super Monday Night Combat, Uber Entertainment has proven themselves to be capable of creating great games, and as Super Monday Night Combat showed, Uber is capable of maintaining a franchise (with weekly updates) long after it’s initial release.

Planetary Annihilation features a galactic war where players will scramble to settle planets in order to utilize their resources to defeat enemy players, and ultimately taking control of the galaxy.

Uber Entertainment claims that it will be possible to play in 40-player matches which could take upwards of 12 hours to finish. And of course there is also a co-op mode where players can team up against bots.

Uber Entertainmen put together an informative Kickstarter video, the entire first portion is an animated bit, showing off the proposed mechanics of Planetary Annihilation. It’s a clever way to show off a game’s concept without forcing potential investors to listen to five minutes of a just talking. More developers should approach Kickstarter campaigns with this style of presentation in mind.

With the release of Planetary Annihilation, Uber will release modding kits which will allow players do design their own units, game types, and maps.

Some Kickstarter rewards include: pledging $15 will get you a copy of Planetary Annihilation for $5 off the release price. Pledge $50 or more and get a unique in-game unit (completely cosmetic) and all previous reward tiers. Pledge $250 or more and receive a signed poster, signed art book, signed game, and all previous reward tiers.

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