Organ Trail: Released on Mobile Devices


Organ Trail

In the days of my gaming infancy, before I even owned a console…or knew how to tie my shoes (it took me a little longer than everyone else, ok?)…my school’s technology lab had a game called Oregon Trail that was the coolest thing ever.

Sixteen years later, my beloved memories of shooting pixelated animals and laughing when my friends died of dysentery, are getting a facelift. Organ Trail takes Oregon Trail, and raises the dead.

The developers, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, even went to lengths to preserver the feel of the original Oregon Trail.

Organ Trail forces you to manage your supplies, repair vehicles, trade, scavenge for food, fuel, ammunition, and medkits. You are responsible for you and four others, all of which are prone to ten different types of illness…even dysentery.
Zombies can be the least of your problems, as bandits roam the lands, and some illnesses can even turn your friends against you.

Download Organ Trail today!

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