Genre-Bending ‘Natural Selection 2’ Preview

Natural Selection 2 indie

Alpacapatrol’s latest “Indie Spotlight” casts its light upon first-person-shooter/real-time strategy hybrid,  Natural Selection 2.

Being developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Natural Selection 2 is the squeal to the very popular Half-Life mod of the same name. Released in 2002, Natural Selection saw over 2 million downloads, and was heralded “possibly the most ambitious user-made modification ever brought to fruition, by Gamespy.

A decade later, Unknown Worlds is hard at work, working on a proper stand-alone sequel to their hit Half-Life mod.

Pre-order Natural Selection 2 from the official website, and receive early beta access. Natural Selection 2 has an estimated release date of Summer 2012…so expect to see the game in the Steam Store, soon.

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