SinisterPrime, Defcon, and the Wrath of Reddit

Yesterday, Reddit user “SinisterPrime” posted to the community at a complaint regarding Defcon Servers, a server host for online games and Ventrilo. His post explained some minor problems: SinisterPrime wouldn’t be able to use the server he purchased for his game of choice, in this case DayZ. Upon asking for a refund, he was denied the money, and instead left with a horrible customer support experience. From there, SinisterPrime, went to the Reddit community with his complaints about the incident. He wasn’t looking for help, however. He just wanted to inform his fellow gamers.

Fast forward 16 hours. SinisterPrime’s original post was received fairly well by Reddit. Most agreed that SinisterPrime should take the matter up with his bank for a charge-back of the money he paid, while a few others simply said he should have read Defcon’s terms before paying them (to which he agreed.) However, an employee at Defcon Servers clearly got quite upset at the bad publicity and sent the following message to SinisterPrime:

“So you want to play games you little shit? How about I post your home address and personal details all over the internet? Would that make you happy? Watch who you fuck with. I will make it so that every criminal in your state has your address.” [source]

Surprised by the response, SinisterPrime once again went to /r/DayZ (the Reddit community for the zombie survival game) with this latest lesson in Defcon’s customer service. It was on Reddit’s frontpage within hours. Redditors urged SinisterPrime to take it to law enforcement, upon which he was happy to oblige.

Of course, the head of Defcon saw the blind rage of the Reddit community rearing its ugly head, so an official statement was soon released on DayZ’s forums. Rich Scott, owner of Defcon Servers, e-mailed a formal apology to SinisterPrime and refunded his money, as promised. Although no official titles or names were released, Scott is also supposedly now considering pressing charges against the overly zealous ex-employee [source].

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