Interview with “Pid” Developer, Might and Delight


The following interview is with Wendy Young, Managing Director for Might and Delight.


Hey Wendy. Thanks for doing this with us. How about we start with what exactly is the game named after…the hero?  The villain? Maybe a developer’s childhood pet?

Ha, Ha….nope. The mystery continues….

In the video, we see the protagonist using a gravity-manipulator (what do you guys call it?) to traverse through the level. What other uses will players find for the gravity-manipulator?

Well, it goes by many names. The gravity beam or gravity gem. It is the core mechanic in the game and it is dynamic. For example, as you play you will get a slingshot and be able to fire the gem up to hard to reach areas and really mess with some robots. It is a lot of fun. You will have to play to find out what other treats we have in store using this creative and dynamic mechanic.

What, do you feel, separates Pid from other platformers currently available?

Well, for me it is rooted in where our goals are as a company.  We really want to be retro charming, and I think our work will always be rooted in that type of thoughtfulness, playfulness, integrity,  and ambition.

Pid is that kind of artful experience and we hope it brings something fresh to the gaming culture.  It is like nothing you have ever seen before that’s for sure.
Pid Might and Delight

There is co-op available in Pid…how will this feature work in the game? Is it a jump-in-and-join, or a separate mode in itself? 

We stuck with a more retro “couch” co-op system. We like the idea of two people hunkering down with the game together. Yes, it is sort of jump in and join. In coop each player controls one beam (only two beams are in play). You can really mess around and cooperate. We love that.

Pid is Might and Delight’s first title…how has the experience been so far?

We have been really lucky. The road is bumpy but here we are and it is going to be great to get Pid out there for everyone.


Have any advice for individuals thinking about starting to develop their own games?


Whew, The business is really tough but I say: go with your instincts, surround yourself with talented people and hit the ground running….don’t look back.

Or, run the opposite direction screaming…lol.

What platforms will Pid be released on?



Any estimates on the release date?
Early Fall 2012

Big thanks to Wendy at Might and Delight!

pid might and delight

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