Steam Summer Sale Day 6: Indie Edition


Five days left…how much have you spent so far? I haven’t been keeping track, but my credit card still works, so here’s day 6!


Day #6


limbo header

Limbo – $2.49
Limbo is on my “list of shame.” This colorless platformer has been in my Steam library for quite some time (since the last major holiday sale), and I have yet to start playing it.
I hang my head in shame. From what I’ve heard, Limbo is a game for everyone. The game is simple and straightforward, and a great way to get non-gamers interested and comfortable in gaming.

Limbo in the Steam Store
Limbo Official Website


Steam’s Indie Game Bundle #6 – $9.99
The games included within this bundle are: “AaaAAaaa” for the Awesome, Defcon, SpaceChem, Ticket to Ride, and Trauma.
Click the links to be taken to the Steam Store page for the individual game. All together, these games would normally cost $39.99.

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