Steam Summer Sale Day 1 : Indie Edition

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In the words of King Theoden, standing high on the ramparts of Helms Deep, watching the hordes of giant orc-men (the Uruk-hai for all you lore nerds) come charging his stronghold, “So it begins.”

To make that metaphor work, change King Theoden to My Wallet, Helms Deep to my computer screen, and the giant orc-men to Steam Sales…and if I haven’t lost you yet, it should make perfect sense. If I have, I’m sorry, here’s the reference, now let’s move on to the good stuff.

Visit the Steam Store to see all the daily deals and bundle packs. Below are the indie games being featured in the Daily Deals, and the hourly sales, as of the writing of the article.

Day #1 

terraria header

 Terraria – $2.49
For that price there is no reason you should not put this game in your shopping cart today. For the amount of content that is packed into Terraria, two-and-a-half bucks is a steal. Even if you are a hard-core Minecrafter, or a person who only plays first-person-shooters, just do yourself a favor and buy this game. Terraria is super easy to get into, the sense of discovery will drive you down into the earth as you continue to dig and find new treasures along the way. This is one of my top 10 favorite games.

Terraria Official Website
Terraria in the Steam Store


Legend of Grimrock – $5.99
I have not played Grimrock yet, but I have heard good things about it from a few close friends. My friend “Pojut” wrote a pretty solid review of Grimrock on his website, so you should check it out if you’re interested in learning more.

Legend of Grimrock Official Website
Legend of Grimrock in the Steam Store


Spacechem – $2.49
This puzzle circuit-board game featuring 50+ puzzles, achievements, and a soundtrack by Evan Le Ny. I have not played Spacechem, but it sports an 84 on Metacritic, so it can’t be too bad.

Spacechem Official Website
Spacechem in the Steam Store


“Indie Bundle #1” – $9.99
The first indie bundle that Steam has assembled for the sale includes: Cave Story+, The Baconing, Anomaly Warzone Earth, EDGE, and Lone Survivor.

Click the links to be taken to the Steam Store page for the individual game. All together, these games would normally cost $36.45. I will be adding this bundle to my checkout cart as soon as I finish writing this article. The $9.99 for the Baconing and Lone Survivor alone, is worth the price…the other three games just sweeten the deal.

Indie Bundle #1 in the Steam Store

Steam Indie Bundle 1

2 Comments Steam Summer Sale Day 1 : Indie Edition

  1. Pojut

    Thanks for the shoutout! Also, thanks for the heads up that the summer sale is starting…I haven’t checked Steam in a few days*, and had it not been for your article, I very well may have missed it!

    *I’ve been knee-deep in Tactics Ogre on PSP

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