Steam “Greenlight” Allows Developers to Build Community Pre-Release


Today, Steam released information on their new developer-friendly system which they are calling, “Greenlight.”

With Greenlight, developers can post pre-release information and Steam users can vote on the games they want to see be released on Steam. This works mainly in two ways: for one, it allows developers to receive essential feedback as to how the general public will react to the launch of their title, without having to produce a costly demo. Greenlight also allows the community as a whole to interact more with the developers, since their approval will ultimately determine when a game will be released.

On the Steam Community blog, the Steam team describes why they have decided to implement this system:

“Over the many years that Steam has been selling games, the release rate of games on Steam has continued to grow significantly. But given Steam’s existing technological pipeline for releasing games, there’s always been a reliance on a group of people to make tough choices on which games to not release on Steam. There are titles that have tied up this internal greenlight group in the past, and we knew there had to be a better way.

“For many stores, there is a team that reviews entries and decides what gets past the gates. We’re approaching this from a different angle: The community should be deciding what gets released. After all, it’s the community that will ultimately be the ones deciding which release they spend their money on.”

So in short, with the community collectively voting for certain projects, the Steam Store approval team will be able to prioritize the games they process in a more efficient and customer-friendly way.

Read the entire Greenlight announcement (which includes a Frequently Asked Questions section) on the Steam blog.

Steam Greenlight

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