War of the Roses Beta Begins


Earlier in the day, Paradox Interactive and Fatshark launched the beta signup process for their medieval warfare epic, War of the Roses.

Those interested in checking out the beta, can follow this link and sign up for the chance to get into the free beta.

If you have not heard, War of the Roses is a multiplayer team-based, melee combat game set in late 15th-century England. The combat will center on the battles that took place between the York and Lancaster houses. War of the Roses is being developed by the same team that developed cowboy shoot-em-up Lead and Gold (2010), so we can be assured the team knows what they’re doing when it comes to multiplayer gaming.

Swords and shields function slightly differently than six-shooters and shotguns do though, and the Fatshark development team are well aware of the nuances that will come with the combat mechanics:

[From the War of the Roses Forums] “Melee combat uses four different types of attacks: left, right, down, and thrust. To make an attack, you simply hold down the mouse button and move the mouse in the direction you want to strike. The longer you hold the button down, the more damage you’ll do, but you’ll have to be careful not to hold the pose too long, or your character will grow tired and your attacks will fail. Damage is determined by the base value of each weapon, the speed and location of your strike, and armor protection.”

War of the Roses is set to have all the trappings of a modern multiplayer game, with perks, progressive character unlocks, multiplayer matchmaking, character classes, and various game modes.

Signup for the War of the Roses beta, today!

war of the roses beta

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