“The Trench” Promises Epic WWI Action


As far as video games go…World War 1 is the jealous older brother of the much more popular World War 2. I would say for every one World War 1 game released, there are twenty World War 2 games already waiting in line. Apparently developers feel that World War 1 lacks the scale and havoc that would work well for a video game.

Gallica Game Studios plans to break that stigma with The Trench.

As a French foot-soldier on the Verdun front, players will race against the clock to prepare for the upcoming massive German assault, expected to take place three days after the game begins. Utilizing a hybrid of RPG and shooter elements, The Trench will have players scrambling to align artillery zones, preparing air support, positioning units along the trenches, and perhaps even doing some stealth sabotage if feeling up to the challenge.

With destructible terrain, hand-to-hand combat mechanics, a stealth system for infiltration missions, cover-and-fire mechanics, The Trench looks to be anything but a dud.

Visit The Trench’s official website.

The Trench

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