You’ll Never Guess Where “Lifeless Planet” takes place


Here’s a clue: It’s all in the title, folks.

lifeless planet logo


Lifeless Planet, being developed by Stage 2 Studios and published by Lace Mamba, is about an astronaut sent to explore a planet full of alien life, but when the astronaut arrives, he finds the planet completely desolated with unexpected traces of Russian occupation.

Since the space mission was a one-way trip, the astronaut has nothing else to do but try to figure out exactly what happened to the planet, and what part the former Russian occupants had played in it all.

Lifeless Planet made 200% of it’s Kickstarter funding goal, in October 2011, with over $17,000 pledged and nearly 650 backers. Since then, there has been a monthly stream of development updates on Lifeless Planet‘s official website. Most recently, they announced that Rich Douglas is composing the soundtrack for the game. Give Douglas’ work a listen on his official website.

Lifeless Planet has an estimated release date of quarter 4, 2012.

Visit the official website for more information.

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