GamersGate Launches Their Second Indie Bundle



The digital distribution platform, GamersGate, launched their second indie games bundle, over this past weekend. The bundle can be purchased for any price at $5.99 or above. Any purchases over $6 will see 100% of the money go directly to the developer. So basically, if you pay the minimum, you cheat the developers! How cleverly persuasive. But really, this bundle contains far more than $6 worth of content.

For one, the bundle includes Jeremey Phr00t’s, 3079. You may remember my interview with Phr00t, about 3079, from earlier this year. Basically, 3079 is a super cool first-person space survival exploration game. Watch the trailer for 3079.

The bundle also includes a game called Intrusion 2…a game I’ve been following for some time. Intrusion is a run-and-gun platformer from VAP Games. The trailer will easily convince you that this bundle is worth the cost of admission, for this game alone.

The bundle also includes: Fortix 2, Aztaka, Dark Scavenger, and DEMISE: Ascension.

I’m not too familiar with those last four titles, but Fortix looks like a pretty interesting game. After watching the trailer, I’m not really sure what is going on…but it looks fun!

Aztaka is a side-scrolling action RPG that takes place hundreds of years ago in the South American rainforests. Then, the interstellar indie, Dark Scavenger, is a more traditional RPG, and these are probably the titles I’m the least excited about, but that is based solely on my taste for the genre itself, rather than the actual games, so we’ll see!

DEMISE: Ascension is the game that caught me off guard the most. I had not heard about this title until I saw it in this bundle. At first the game appears to be kind of sloppy looking, with blocky figures that look out of the N64 generation of gaming. But, then I realized that within DEMISE is an entire game of exploration and fighting. There are a bunch of different ways to customize your protagonist, and a ton of areas to explore. Check out a brief walk-through video on YouTube, to get an idea what DEMISE is about.

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