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The following interview is with Robert Dukes, from Commotion Games. Follow them on Twitter: @RecruitsGame



Hey Robert, thanks for doing this with us. Why don’t you start with telling about how the idea of Recruits came up?

The idea for the game game from watching many, many, 80’s action movies, and playing old shoot’em up games. I thought… wouldn’t it be great if those action movies, like Predator, Commando, Rambo, were re-imagined in a PC game? So that’s what we have, Recruits. A game about running around, completing missions, and blowing stuff up. Now, its not exactly like those movies, but we do have fast paced action gameplay, big explosions, and lots of blood.


How many people are working on Recruits, and what are they doing for the development process?

Currently there is a Main Programmer, and myself, a 3-D artist. We have an extra part time programmer helping out as much as he can, and other people popping in here and there to fill the gaps where our skills stop, to get cool stuff done.


Have you worked on any games together in the past?

Not together, but we have all worked on other games, and mods before. So this isn’t new to us, apart from the scale and size of Recruits. Its like having a second job really, always being online and ready to answer questions… even with a small team.


What aspect of development has been the most challenging?

Time. Its difficult or organize the time to do everything. We find that any technical challenge is do-able, but finding the time to do that and 50 other things, that’s the real challenge. But, we make sure we are organized, and have small goals, and we eventually get things done.



So far all of the development videos have showed a jungle setting, will the game take place entirely in a jungle setting, or will the game take players all over the world?

Well not all over the world, but in different areas in this country. Jungle, City, Mountains, Air, Sea. Look out for a wide variety of places to fight and a wide range of things to do: assassinations, hostage rescuing, survival and escape, missions and more.


What is the story for Recruits? Who are players playing as, and why do the enemies want us dead?

The player is in control of the recruits. These recruits can level up and get better skills for killing and fighting. If a recruit happens to die they will be replaced with a fresh (low level) recruit who comes from your overall “army” of men. In some harder missions you can end up going through a lot of recruits, but that’s the way war goes, and the higher skill you have your recruits at before entering the mission the better your chances.

Recruits is set in the late 60’s, the game takes the player through this tropical landscape, in search of captured soldiers and civilian prisoners, rescuing them by any means necessary. The young soldiers believe they are fighting for the good of their country and for the protection of their fellow countrymen, however the recruits soon find that their commander, has secretly been searching for something he finds far more valuable than the lives of the prisoners that the recruits are trying to save, and they discover that they are simply pawns in a greater struggle.


Any predictions on a release date?

We hope to have our demo out in the next few weeks, but it might stretch out a bit further than that. A full release date is unknown but we will let you know when this is more clear to us.


Where can people learn more about Recruits?

Check out our Facebook page, IndieDB page, and Youtube for all the latest updates.


Thanks Robert!

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