Use Your Own Shadow to Solve Your Own Problems, in Chroma


No, the title of the article isn’t a metaphor for life…but instead, it is the premise of Chroma, an upcoming game from Clawhammer Games.

In an announcement forum post on TIGSource Forums, developer, Mark Foster, reveals plans to develop Chroma in his free time.

“It’s a concept I’ve thought about for a long while now, twisted and warped over time and it all seemed to become a lot clearer in my mind recently – so I thought “hell just go for it”.”

While Mark claims that he only has 10% of the game done, it is clear that one of the major concepts of the game is the use of shadows to complete the puzzles. The character players will control is luminescent and the platforms and obstacles will emit shadows based on where the player is in location to the obstacle. From there, the player can swap into “shadow form” where they can run on the edges of the shadows as if they are platforms all of their own.

I’m already excited for this game, and expect to hear more about it, as the development process progresses.

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