Trine 2 Developer’s Cut Coming to the Wii U


Along with all the big news coming from E3 this week, Frozenbyte announced that a director’s cut of Trine 2 will be exclusively released on the Wii U this holiday season. The upcoming expansion pack is also in development for the Wii U as well.

The director’s cut is also set to include a special game mode called “magic mayhem.”

From the press release: “We are thrilled to work on Wii U and bring the best version of Trine 2 to the platform,” said Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of Frozenbyte. “Trine 2: Director’s Cut features many things that we had to cut from the original release on other platforms and a completely new user experience tailored especially for Wii U. We are also going to introduce the new “Magic Mayhem” party mode that brings the frantic multiplayer of Trine 2 into a more challenging environment where players can battle and laugh together.

The director’s cut of Trine 2 will include:

– Over 100+ improvements
– New control system catered for the Wii U
– Special features for the Wii U Gamepads, also supports up to three Wii Remotes
– Online multiplayer included
– The new “magic mayhem” multiplayer mode

Visit Trine 2‘s official website for more information on Trine 2.

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Trine 2 Director's Cut

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