Cross of the Dutchman Gameplay Trailer Released

With less than a week left for Kickstarter funding, Triangle Studios has released a gameplay trailer for Cross of the Dutchman to help raise awareness of the game, and hopefully meet their Kickstarter goal, in the process.

Also, the developers are doing a live interview all day today on Reddit. Simply create an account and post your questions to them. Check out the Reddit interview here.

Cross of the Dutchman is based on the legend of Peter the Great whose wife was slain by mercenaries and to avenge her murder, Pier raised an army and decimated the mercenary forces.

So in the spirit of the legend of Peter the Great, rally up your friendly farmers, or anyone for that matter, and help Triangle Studios fund Cross of the Dutchman!

Cross of the Dutchman Kickstarter Campaign Page

Cross of the Dutchman official website


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