Viking Burger Now Available on Windows Phones


For a buck-fifty to own and free to try, Windows Phone users can plunder this action-puzzler featuring a frantic food-assembly style of gameplay but with a barbaric, time-warping, twist. Think Cooking Mamma, but with chest hair and roid-rage.

Developed by Genius Interaction (their site seems to still be under construction), Viking Burger features a viking, freshly unfrozen from an iceberg, who is struggling as a fast food cook.

A game that is clearly well designed, and I really like Liam Alkamraikhi’s art style, the designers may be selling themselves short by only releasing Viking Burger only on Windows Phones. Hopefully they will spread to more platforms in the near future, because I would love to get my hands on the game.

Check out Viking Burger in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Visit the official Viking Burger website.

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