The Epic Brew for May 20th, 2012



Gratuitous Tank Battles Released!

From Positech Games, the makers of Gratuitous Space Battles, proudly released Gratuitous Tank Battles a few days ago. Taking place in an alternate reality where WWI is still raging on in 2114, GTB is a unique tower defense game which allows players to fight as the defenders or the attackers. Players can even save their own attack wave plans, and play against them as the defender. Totally cool.

I was a big fan of Gratuitous Space Battles, and one of my favorite aspects was how you were able to create and customize your own space fleet. Gratuitous Tank Battles also lets you customize your own units from a big list of components. GTB also features a map editor and means to upload and share your maps with other players.

Visit GTB‘s website: and buy the game on Steam for 10% off for a short time.

Dynamite Jack Released!

Developed by Phil Hassey, Dynamite Jack has players in the boots of a lone space marine as he attempts to escape the Anathema Mines. With 28 levels, a map editor, and speedrun leaderboards, for 5$, Dynamite Jack is a worth addition to your Steam collection. If you happen to be anti-Steam, you can pick up a copy of Dynamite Jack from its official website, DRM free.

Pick up Dynamite Jack on Steam for $4.99. Also be sure to check out Phil Hassey’s blog where he talks a lot about the development process of the game.

TrackVerse Footage Looks Pretty Impressive

TrackVerse, short for Track Universe, is a racing game which allows players to construct your own race track. Nothing really revolutionary, but even so, the game’s visuals look outstanding for an indie title.

TrackVerse alpha is available for download on the TrackVerse official website, Oh, and its FREE!

The game is still in alpha, so don’t expect a fully operational retail version. Expect to see more updates on TrackVerse as they are released.

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