“Legend of Grimrock” Praised by Critics

Since launching on April 11th, Legend of Grimrock has corralled a league of relatively positive reviews from reviewers and players alike.

Grimrock, a 3-d dungeon crawler from Finnish game developer Almost Human Ltd., a company founded in early 2011 by developers who have collectively worked on games such as Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, and Shattered Horizons, has players battling monsters, avoiding traps and discovering secrets throughout Grimrock‘s labyrinthine layouts.

The story is straightforward; a group of prisoners are pardoned of their crimes, but in order to actually escape to freedom, they must survive the hellish gauntlet that has been constructed within Mount Grimrock. Of course, no one has ever survived through to the end.

legend of grimrock

One of Grimrock’s post-release reviews is Patrick Hancock’s review from Destructoid: “I have to give Almost Human a lot of credit. The level design, enemy placement, and especially the puzzles are all, by and large, wonderfully crafted.”

However, Hancock did have some issues with the magic system, particularly how Grimrock never explains how to utilize the feature, saying that, “…[magic’s] not explained in the game at all. In order to figure out how to use the magic casting system, you’ll have to open up the digital manual that comes with the game,” but he quickly counters this negative remark, “Once you master the system, casting spells mid-fight is incredibly satisfying.”

legend of grimrock

Another review, from Justin Clouse on The Escapist: “Even if you’re utterly new to this specific type of RPG, there’s a lot of dungeon delving to enjoy in Legend of Grimrock.”

Clouse had a few issues with the enemy artificial intelligence. He explained how he was able to break away from enemy attacks by simple back-peddling down a corridor or around a corner, which left him feeling bad about so easily exploiting the game. But, Clouse back-peddles his A.I. comment by theorizing that this apparent flaw, could just be part of the game, “As you progress through into deeper and more difficult levels, this abusing of the movement becomes all but a requirement as well. With the party’s limited resources, you really can’t afford to risk being struck with a status effect like poisoning.

Overall, Grimrock stands with a solid above-average score on Metacritic from critics, and a slightly higher score from the player-base.

Visit the official Legend of Grimrock website to buy or read more about the game, or buy the game from Steam or GOG.

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