The Epic Brew for Mar 9, 2012



The Future of CryEngine 3 Looks Real Nice

Honestly, I’m not as up-to-speed (what does that phrase even mean?) on my graphics technology as I’d like, but from what I’ve seen and read around the internet, the future of CryEngine 3 is impressive. CryEngine 3 was originally announced in 2009 and first seen at that years Games Developers Conference, and was released later that year. The engine was used to bring the original Crysis to consoles, and currently is being used to train the Australian Navy.



Dead Island for $10 (& free shipping) on Newegg

Newegg has marked down the PC version of Dead Island to $9.99 from $29.99 for a limited time. Dead Island has a solid score of 80 on Metacritic. Watch the trailer and decide if this zombie game is for you. Save 20 bucks, only on Newegg for a limited time.



Nintendo 3DS Outsells DS in Year One Sales

Digital Trends has published a fairly interesting article about how, even though it took some time to catch on, the 3DS has sold more units in its first year, than the original DS did. “How has Nintendo managed to turn the 3DS around? Two ways: pricing and content,” the article explains. You can read the article, or just eyeball the fancy line-chart below, to get a grasp of how the 3DS stacks up against Nintendo’s other system’s first year.



The Making of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Cinematic

If you missed the release, you need to watch the cinematic for The Witcher 2 right now. No. Stop. Watch it right now. Seriously.
For the rest of you, check out how they made that awesome piece of badassery in the YouTube video below.



Three Battlefield 3 Expansions Coming This Year

EA has announced three Battlefield 3 expansions for 2012. The first, “Close Quarters” will debut in June and will focus on short-range combat, have 10 new weapons, and the environments will be much more destructible. The second expansion, “Armored King,” will be the opposite of “Close Quarters” in that it will focus largely on vehicular combat, with bigger, more open, maps. The third expansion, “End Game” is still shrouded in secrecy.

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