The Epic Brew for Feb 29, 2012



Zone of the Enders Returning in HD

Konami announced today that there are plans to re-release the popular, last-gen, mech-fighter titles, Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, later this year. Both games will be included in the same package, much like Konami did with the Metal Gear Solid HD re-release. No details yet on the pricing of this double pack, but I imagine it will retail for around $30.


World of Warcraft getting an Italian Translation

Per l’orda!” Thrall, Sylvanas, Vol’jin, Hellscream, and all the Alliance leaders that I can’t remember since I only play Horde, are learning Italian! A full translation of World of Warcraft is coming to Italy later this year. Italian will be the 11th language that World of Warcraft is available in, the others being: English, German, European and Latin American Spanish, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean.


Rock Paper Shotgun discusses Risen 2

The swashbuckling RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters, has gotten a pretty good early-build preview from Rock Paper Shotgun writer, Jim Rossignol. Risen 2 is the sequel to 2009’s Risen, both titles being developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver. From the preview, Rossignol says, “… I’m enjoying Pirhana Byte’s typical attention to world-building. People notice if you are running around stealing and generally being an idiot, and – as I mentioned – you aren’t allowed to go and see the governor while half naked. The world they’ve made is also highly evocative of the kind of atmosphere they’re trying to capture. It’s a believably sun-soaked island, and the little jungle groves and villages are artfully imagined…
I’ve had my eye on Risen 2 since I stumbled upon some screenshots a few months back. The pirate-conquistador-natives triumvirate is a genre less explored by RPGs and the environments are interesting enough to warrant exploration. Expect to see more about Risen 2, in the coming months.
Risen 2 Official Website


Modding Makes a Game Better, Claims Skyrim Developer Todd Howard

In an interview with G4, Bethesda executive producer, Todd Howard, made the proclamation that he believes mods make a game better. It’s a shame more developers do not share similar mindsets. Howard was being interviewed in promotion of the release of the Skyrim Creation Kit, a tool that allows anyone to develop a mod for Skyrim. Speaking from what I’ve seen in the short time that Skyrim has been a functioning part of the Steam Workshop, I am already impressed with the sort of modifications I have seen players come up with, to not only enhance the gameplay, but further immerse players into Skyrim.

Featuring Cell-Shaded Dogfights, “Path of Hate” is One Intense Animated Short Film

Directed by Damian Nenow. Watch the full version on YouTube.
Visit Path of Hate’s official website for more information.

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