Scott Johnson: The Minecraft Noob


Scott Johnson, Frogpants Studio owner and host of a number of its podcasts (The Morning Stream, The Final Score, The Instance,) has started a series of Minecraft videos that detail his entry into this video game community.
I will admit, I was anti-Minecraft for a very long time, not understanding how a blocky N64-looking game could be that entertaining…and then I played it. The first time I logged into Minecraft with my friends (their first time too) we spent 3 hours straight playing the game. The cocaine in the cola is the absolute freedom of construction that is limited only by your creativity. Remember how awesome it was to build things with Legos and dig holes when you were a kid? Minecraft let’s you do both of those, without even having to go outside.

Scott has posted the first three videos so far…keep your eyes on his YouTube channel – for the additions.

Minecraft is available for purchase at for $26.95.

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